Relevance Bridal is a renowned wedding dress manufacturerand wholesaler deeply rooted in bridal fashion industry. We are proud to present a wide variety of wedding dresses and accessories.

Our company is booming in the Polish market with a growing number of business partners offering superior wedding dresses.

You can also find our representatives abroad in the following countries: the UK, Austria, Spain, France, Latvia and Estonia.

If you are interested in becoming our partner, feel welcome to contact us.
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Our bridal gown collections are made from the very best materials available, which make them fit perfectly to a bride's figure delivering an unusual comfort and guaranteeing a unique style.

The Relevance Bridal brand was established by the cooperation of  young, talented designers under the directorship of a famous fashion icon Kate Bates.

Our wedding dresses are truly born from a pure passion for perfection.

We make every endeavour to set new trends in bridal fashion industry combining eternal beauty of tradition with modernity.

Relevance Bridal is a brand for women appreciating a sophisticated  style.
The collection of wedding gowns “Moonlight” by Relevance Bridal for 2020
The collection of bridal gowns “Inspirations” by Relevance Bridal for 2018
The collection of wedding dresses “DFM” by Relevance Bridal for 2016
Bridal shops offering wedding dreeses by Relevance Bridal
Relevance Bridal is a long established bridal fashion company operating in Poland with numerous business partners across the country and abroad.

We warmly welcome all bridal gown store owners
who wish to expand their current offer, companies and individuals interested in fruitful cooperation with us.

Join our authorised Relevance Bridal partner list and start selling superior  wedding dresses under the well recognised and valued brand.

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